Hyundai Piano

Hyundai Development Company has built a solid foundation through value-oriented management solutions and continuous innovation. We make bold investments, even in hard times, to prepare for a better future, and have turned periods of crisis and hardship into great opportunities. In the music industry, Hyundai Development Company is known by its world renowned brands such as Yong Chang, Weber, Albert Weber and Kurzweil. HDC is specialized in construction, retail, industrial machinery, pump manufacturing, ship-building, industrial zone management, petrochemicals, property management, financial management, healthcare, leisure centers, sports, finance and “Musical Instruments” productions. HDC Chairman, Mr. Chung mong gyu believes that the time is ripe for commencing the production of Premium Pianos under the trademark brand of Hyundai. Hyundai Pianos are the definition of solid quality and reliability that embody HDC’s dedication to innovation,attention to detail,excellence and consistency. Huyndai will be the selective brand in an increasing competitive market. Hyundai provides its customers with premium quality and workmanship.